How it works

Create a free account   


1. Create a free account

Signup for free and setup your creators page with some content, infomation and links to your social media accounts. Every user is automaticlly a creator and donator so you can use your account for all purpopses. 

Create content


2. Create content

Start creating content! You can choose to share your content for subscirbers only or for the whole world to see. You can upload up to max 30MB for videos, audio and photo media. 

You can post the following content for free or paid users:
  • Text up to 5000 characters
  • Video up to 30MB
  • Audio up to 30MB
  • Photos up to 30MB

Grow your page


3. Earn a living with you're creativiy

We want to make it easier for creators to get paid so we setup with platform with the maximum of 2% transaction fee so we can cover the costs. Go to account settings and fillout your PayPal email address or IBAN bank account for payments. 

When you have reached €25,00 total or more you can request a payout. Our server moderators will payout this by hand and contact you if needed.